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Flex Write Surface, 96" x 48", White

Product Details

Flex Write Surface, 96" x 48", White

Post-it® Flex Write Surface, 96" x 48", White

Item Number: MMMFWS8X4 
  • Quickly transform your work surface into a whiteboard, simply unroll, peel and stick.
  • Use dry erase and permanent markers.
  • Long-term planning is easier than ever with the use of permanent markers to prevent accidental smearing and erasing.
  • Includes microfiber cleaning cloth and water bottle.
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Product Details
It's an amazing feeling when your team just clickseveryone feels a shared drive toward success. Capture that feeling at your next session with Post it Flex Write Surface. The dry erase whiteboard you can use with dry erase and permanent markers to help track due dates, to do's and metrics for your team projects. Transform your space by resurfacing a blackboard, stained whiteboard or cover an entire wall. With the use of permanent markers, there is less chance of accidental smearing or erasing, and the permanent marker wipes away with just water. Whenever you want to brainstorm, present or track projects, Post it Brand is ready to help you succeed.
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